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The 3 Most Important Questions You Need To Ask Before You Hiring A Water Damage Repair Company.

One of the biggest problems to avoid at all costs if possible is having water damage your Home or business. Unfortunately, water damage can occur due to a number of factors and the unforeseen accidents can rarely be avoided; the term 'unforeseen'.When your try to manage a bad situation and it's water damage, we always recommend that you contact an certified,trained and licenesed water damage repair contractor to assist in alleviating any issue that water may cause to your home or business.

The task of finding a water damage repair professional is simple if you know what to look for, searching online and contacting the first company to show up in a search engine result is the easy way but not always the best way.

When searching for a competent contractor for residential or commercial water damage restoration , it is necessary to take various factors into consideration ranging from the contractor's experience to their cost certifications and training. This article will act as a guide for this particular matter providing information on the different questions you should ask a water damage contractor crew before hiring the team.

1. Do They Have The Correct Certification?

The first question to ask a company technician before hiring the contractor is whether or not they are able to provide the correct certification. The majority of states in the USA require all professional plumbing contractors, including water damage restoration contractors, to hold specific certification and insurance before being able to conduct business. Regarding water damage repair and restoration certification, it is essential a water mitigation certificate is obtained from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Authority to indicate the contractor is trained in the IICRA's best practices and ethical guidelines. If a contractor presents this certification, you can be sure they have the correct knowledge and training to complete the task appropriately and competently.

2. Do They Have The Correct State Licensing?

While the issue of licensing will only apply to those companies offering water restoration services including water mitigation; it is also recommended that you request a copy of a state general contractor's license for water repair services that would be looking at structure reconstruction. The majority of states do not always require general contracting licenses for water mitigation services, but any repairs made will need a contracting license in order to legally complete the project. Taking this into account, it is necessary that you review the license and isurance policy, if possible, contact the licensing authority to double-check its validity.

3. Will They Use Fans And De-Humidifiers?

The third question to ask would revolve around the use of fans and de-humidifiers. While not all residential water damage repair services require de-humidifiers to complete the project, it is important to determine whether or not they will be utilize. If the company you will be hiring does not own any de-humidifiers, irrespective of use in this particular project, it may be an indication of a lack of expertise or experience.The response to this question should be confirmation that the company does or dors not have de-humidifiers at hand. If a confirmation is had, you can be sure you are working with reputable water damage repair professionals.

4. How Long Does It Take For The Area To Dry?

Typically, a drying process for any water damaged property should be a minimum of three days unless the damage is very severe then a call here may be in order . Unless the damage was extensive, you should be cautious if the contractor attempts to justify a drying period of longer than four days. In the majority of water mitigation bills, the drying equipment will be the primary focus and incompetent or unethical contractors will often try to inflate the cost of the job by justifying the additional time and equipment.

5. Who Will Receive The Bill?

Cost is an important point to be considered and many people wonder if they or their insurance companies will be billed for the damage repair services. Unless the water damage claim has been approved by an insurance company, the restoration service will need to be paid by you personally.

Hope this helps and answers any question about hiring a water damage restoration Contractor company.