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Why Buy New? 5 Reasons You Should Get A New Home Instead

Sure, there is an abundance of cheap, foreclosed and preowned homes in the market that you can select from. This tends to be the first option for many, because, at first glance, this seems to be the most financially sound thing to do. Most of the time, new homes are more expensive than resale homes, but the reasons below might help you rethink. These are why you should consider purchasing a new home instead:

1) The freedom to customize. New home builders allow a huge leeway in coming up with the property design which will result in the home that you have envisioned, tailored to your wants and needs. This kind of liberty cannot be found when you opt for the resale option. You won't have any say in where the bathrooms should go, the number of rooms, the flooring material to use and even the paint colour. With a new home, you'll have the freedom to put your signature on your home.

2) A more efficient structure. It is no question that a new home will be more efficient than an old one. Building regulations have not remained the same and old homes are not up to date on the new standards. One significant example is the energy efficiency. New regulations have upped the required level of insulation. With this, the heating in your new home will be lower and so will your cooling bills be. New home builders Perth will also make sure that the following components are also up-to-date: the appliances, windows, heating system, rain collection structure and air conditioning.

3) Less Maintenance. Because it is brand new, the remodeling, refurbishing, and major repairs are not expected until several years after you move in. When you buy a resale home, there will be upgrade and renovation expenses to spend for.

4) Health Hazards. There are a few health risks involved if you settle into a new home. For example, old homes are most probably coated with paint containing lead. If you have children, this will be a scare. Old homes will probably contain mould, asbestos, moisture and radon.

5) Safety and security. New homes will also be built using the latest technology, assuring you of higher levels of security - from modern locks to alarm systems. You can even let your home builder provide home security that will meet police standards. Your home builders will be able to build it so that it will meet the latest safety standards – fire resistant materials, smoke alarms and a layout that will provide the best access in case of fires and earthquakes.

According to this Mandurah company, It's important to think about all the stress that will be out of your hands with a new home. Working side by side with your builder will let you be involved in the process of putting up your dream home from start to finish. Once it is ready, you can move in without all the hassle. This will give you more quality time to rightfully enjoy your new abode with your family and friends.


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