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Shutter Types

Shutters are a timeless window covering that can add a touch of style to any home. If youve decided to add shutters to your home, you need to decide what type you want. There are several different kinds of shutters, and the ones you choose will depend on your needs and style choices. Read on for some descriptions of the different styles of shutters.

Interior Shutter

As the name implies, interior shutters are installed inside your home, in your window frames. Since they are not exposed to the elements, they do not need to made as sturdy as exterior shutters. So, you can get them in a painted or stained wood and still expect them to last a long time.

There are several different styles of interior shutters. Plantation shutters are probably the most popular style. The slats in these shutters are wider apart, so they can let in a lot of natural light. They are great for privacy, but may not be the best choice for a bedroom, since they dont keep out as much light as other styles.

Café style shutters cover only the lower half of a window. These are great for rooms where you want some privacy, but you still want to let in tons of light, like a kitchen or dining room. You can place curtains over them to increase your privacy.

Shaker style shutters are made with a solid panel. The do not have any slats, so they are the best interior shutter option for blocking out light and providing privacy. If you have taller windows, you can do a mix of Shaker and slatted shutters, with one on top and one on the bottom. This will allow you to let in more light if you desire, while maintaining privacy.

Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters are installed on the outside of a house. They are attached to the outside of the window frame, either at the side, bottom, or top. They have to be made with sturdy materials so they can handle all kinds of weather. They are usually made from materials like PVC or MDF because of this, but there are some made of wood. Exterior shutters can also be either functional or purely decorative.

There are also several kinds of exterior shutters to choose from. Hurricane shutters, also known as Bahama shutters, are intended to protect windows during severe storms, but they can also be decorative if made of less sturdy materials. Unlike many other styles, these shutters hinge at the top instead of the side, so only one wide shutter is required for each window. They also have side arms that adjust so they can be opened at different angles.

All about Shutters

Panel shutters are another style of exterior shutter. They attach to the side of a window and are made of solid panels, though there are several designs within this range to choose from. These shutters are often decorative only, without the ability to close, but you can purchase panel shutters that can close. Those that close offer a great deal of privacy and light-blocking.

There are several other types of both exterior and interior shutters, with multiple style variations within each type. No matter the style you choose, shutters are a great option to add style or character to any home.


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