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Modern Surveillance Technology Safeguarding Beyond Borders

Surveillance technology has come a long way from where it first started. In its modern and general sense, it refers to using or harnessing electronic and digital technology to observe activities or human behavior. This technology is so powerful and versatile that it has seen a wide array of applications in several fields.

When people hear surveillance, they usually think about cameras that act as an extra pair of eyes for whoever is controlling them. The truth is that surveillance nowadays extends far beyond what can be seen. There are plenty of other ways surveillance technology can be used.

The Everyday Camera

Cameras are starting to pop up almost everywhere. There are plenty of different countries that have begun to install video cameras along their streets, highways, schools, and other facilities. The cameras provide the state with a lot of surveillance.

The surveillance afforded by the cameras to the government helps them in monitoring activity. Cameras in highways, for example, allow the government to respond quickly to any accidents that might occur on the road. Intelligence gathering using cameras also allows the government to police the state better by making it easier for them to monitor criminal activity.

Video cameras are the most popular form of technology used by the general population for surveillance. With the advances made in surveillance technology, setting up a home surveillance system has become easy and quite affordable for the common man. Surveillance cameras add a very strong layer of security for the home.

Surveillance of the Internet

Not all technologies in the surveillance technology industry are actual hardware. Some of the most potent forms of surveillance can be in the form of software.

The internet is home to a lot of hackers as well as state entities that use applications to gather information from across the globe. The information is often used to advance the states interests or sometimes it might even be corporate sabotage.

The reason why surveillance through computers is terrifying is that most people find this technology so alien. They have little to no clue about what can be done with such technology.

Surveillance on the Go

Mobile devices are the wave of the future. The day will come that people are so reliant on these gadgets that theyll almost be as ubiquitous as clothes. People carry mobile devices with them virtually anywhere they go and use them for a lot of different applications.

A lot of innovative entrepreneurs have realized the potential of using mobile phones as a means of surveillance. People can give away their location, their search patterns on the internet and so much more all through their mobile device. Surveillance companies use the information that they gather to come up with apps like Waze. This shows how surveillance technology can be used to help the world run more smoothly.


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