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Maintenance Of Garden Hoses, Garden Hose Quick Connect Adapters And Other Hose Equipment

A garden hose is usually made of soft plastic or synthetic rubber and comes in a variety of colors. Both materials are flexible and durable so they can last long even as they are often stepped on or scrape over rocks. They are, however, often not suitable for hot water. It is important that a garden hose, as well as connectors and other attachments used with it, are handled with care.

A garden hose is used to extend a faucet. You can bring water to irrigate your garden or clean anything that is far from your spigot by using a hose. When a garden hose, garden hose quick connect, sprinkler, hand sprayer and the likes are stored and maintained properly, they can last for a long time. Proper use and upkeep will also help you avoid the following problems:

-Tangled hose -Cracked hose -Cracked or broken garden hose quick connect -Leaking hose -Kinked hose -Stuffed sprinkler -Clogged hand sprayer -Tripping hazard -Rotten hose -Rusty garden hose quick connect

One of simplest maintenance chores is to properly put your hose away. Coiling is the easiest means to protect your garden hose and its attachments. Here is how to manually coil your garden hose correctly:

1. First, make sure that the water is turned off from the faucet.

2. Clutch the hose about half a meter away from the faucet and make a loop.

3. The loop should be approximately three feet in diameter.

4. Holding the hose, grab the farther end of the hose and make another loop, stacking it above the first.

5. Make more loops until you can finish coiling the whole hose.

You can also store your hose using a crank, a hose hanger or a hose pot. These are practical and appealing ways to keep your hose safe in your garage or at the side of your home. When you use a hose hanger, you want to have one that can evenly distribute the weight of your garden hose to avoid kinks and bends. You will also want to ensure that your garden hose quick connect ends wont be damaged. Using an inner reel will allow you to store your hose fast as you only need to wind up the crank and the hose gets wound up in the center hub.

In addition, here are some more storage and maintenance tips:

1. Make sure that you empty the garden hose of all water and remove attachments such as hand sprayers, nozzles and sprinklers. Allow it to drain completely before you place it into storage. This practice should be done especially during winter when there is the risk of freezing and expanding that may destroy your hose ends. 2. When you see any sign of leaks, replace the washers immediately to save water and to prevent drips from your couplings or garden hose quick connect.

3. Do not leave your hose in the yard when you are not using it. A hose left lying on your lawn may kill the grass.

4. It is good to invest in a storage box if you want your hose to be kept out of sight.

5. Sometimes, maintenance includes repairing your hose. If you have a split hose, all you need to do is get a utility knife and use it to remove the split area. Then you can make a clean cut so you can place your connectors. Often, there are available repair parts or kits that you can get from the local hardware or home improvement centers to facilitate your repairs.

6. Brass couplings or quick connect fittings are the best options because they are crush-proof. Even if you pay more than when you get plastic ones, they will hold out better and you will save money in the long run.

When you care for your garden hose and its attachments, they will serve you well. But as the saying goes, do it right the first time. Always get a good quality hose instead of a generic and cheap one. This is especially true if you are the kind of person who spends a lot of time and effort in your garden.

Getting good equipment is a good, solid investment. Spend money on excellent garden hose quick connect sets. You will have less maintenance to do and you will get good value for your money. Buying quality accessories will not only make your garden hose experience uncomplicated but also quite pleasurable and efficient.


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