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How To Install Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are space savers. The open by folding in half and are commonly used for closets. Using them allows you to place furniture close to the door.

Things you'll need to complete the job include a tape measure, pencil, drill, hacksaw, plumb bob, a drill bits of various sizes. Then you'll likely want to buy varnish or paint, which you can get at Arcrite, where thy sell all types of specialist paints for DIY, and also products to paint radiators, cars and even farm machinery.

Bifold doors are most commonly used on bedroom cupboards. They are space saving since they bend in half as they open, yet they open wide enough for you to view the entire contents of a closet. Another benefit of bifold doors is the ease in which they can be installed. These doors work by sliding along a sliding track. All you need to do is obtain the proper mounting measurements for the track and pop the door in place.

Step 1 - Measure along the side of the jamb side door, this is the door that will be closest to the wall, 11 inches up from the bottom and 7 inches down from the top. Mark these measurements with a pencil on the inner edge of the door. Measure the distance between these two marks and make another mark in the center.

Step 2 - Drill pilot holes through all three marks with a 7/64-inch drill bit. Align the bottom hole of a hinge with each of the three pilot holes. Secure the hinges to the jamb with screws. Drill pilot holes through the remaining holes of the three hinges and place screws in those as well.

Step 3 - Hold the jamb side door back to back with the leading door so the hinges are facing up. Place the hinges on the leading door so that the knuckles of both sides of hinges align. Drill pilot holes through the hinge holes in the leading door and secure all three hinges to the door with screws.

Step 4 - Secure the pivot plates to the top and bottom of the jamb side door. Position varies according to manufacturer, so make sure to read the diagram that came with your door. Attach the locking arm to the top of the leading door. Again, exact location will vary.

Step 5 - Measure the length of the closet opening. Use a hacksaw to cut the sliding track to the length of the opening. Place the hanging hardware onto the track. The small stops should be in the center, followed by the hangers with wheels and the pivot socket. Place the track on the header, approximately 1 inch from the front of the header, and secure it with screws.

Step 6 - Place the floor bracket near the door jamb; the exact location will be found in the manufacturer's instructions. Use a plumb bob to center the floor bracket directly underneath the center of the track. Secure the floor bracket with screws to mark its location, then remove the screws and set the bracket aside.

Step 7 - Insert the pin on the jamb side door into the pivot socket in the track. Lock the pin in place by pushing the lever on the side of the pivot socket. Insert the pin from the track hanger into the leading door's locking arm. Lock the pin in place by twisting the arm.

Step 8 - Close the doors and pull them towards you so that you can attach the floor bracket to the pivot pin on the bottom. Let the doors fall back and align the bracket with the holes you had previously drilled in the floor. Secure the bracket to the floor with screws.

Step 9 - Tighten the pivot sockets and the small center stops with the wrench that came with the hardware. If you are installing two bifold doors next to each other, position the door aligner 6 inches up from the floor and secure it with screws.

Step 10 - Install the pull knob on the leading door. You will want the knob approximately 2 inches from the edge of the door and 36 inches up from the floor. Drill through the door at this mark with a 3/16-inch drill bit. Insert the screw for the pull handle through the back of the door and twist the knob on.


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