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Home Appliance Maintenance Checklist

If you read about "How Much An Appliance Repair Costs," you will find that the cost of repairing your home appliances is around $170. This amount can be a challenge if you are running on a tight budget. To avoid costly repairs, we have come up with the home appliance maintenance checklist which you should follow keenly.

Range and Oven

Do not use a significant weight or extra-large cooking pans to avoid damaging the burners. To clean your oven or range, smear the interior surfaces with baking soda paste and leave them to stand overnight. After an overnight stay, take a damp cloth and wipe out all the paste from the oven. Then, spray a little white vinegar to remove the baking soda residue. You should take maximum caution when cleaning your oven or range to avoid interfering with electrical components. We do not recommend this method for self-cleaning ovens.


Clean the interior parts including shelves, rubber gaskets, and any other removable parts at least once every three months. Clean the coils which are underneath or on the back of the fridge at least once in a year and make sure the temperature setting is correct. Carrying out regular maintenance will ensure optimal performance of your refrigerator.

Washer and Dryer

Make sure you clean out the lint trap after each load of clothes has been washed, and the unit is empty. Turn the wheels clockwise or anticlockwise to adjust the level of your washer and dryer. Check to see if the rubber hoses are showing signs of leakage, and replace them if needed.


As stated earlier, this appliance maintenance checklist will improve the performance of your home appliances and help you avoid costly appliance repairs. If any of your home appliances has broken down despite following all these maintenance tips, you need to contact a technician to have it repaired.

Do not take all appliance repair technicians at face value; some appliance repair technicians are more qualified than others and should be checked out before hiring. It is, therefore, good for you to consider a reputable appliance repair company who are specialists in refrigerator repair, washer repair, dryer repair, washing machine repair and dishwasher repair.

A company we would recommend is Sentinel Appliance Repair who are known for their fast and efficient service. They are also well known for sourcing the best local appliance repair san antonio tx technicians. Check them out to see if they cover your area.


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